Don De Valle

About Don:

I am Don De Valle a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) working with Levitan and Associates Psychological Services. Professionally I have worked in several mental health settings, such as the military, non-profit and juvenile correction facilities. A major focus of my work is in anxiety, anger, and substance use disorders. I learned early in my career that I enjoyed helping others grow and develop. I also learned through various leadership positions that a key element to personal growth and development is the professional relationship.

Educational Information:

I have a Masters of Education from Northern Arizona University and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate studies in Counseling from Ottawa University. My training is primarily in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT).


I have worked for the past 18 years primarily in the Phoenix metropolitan area. In the military, one assignment was the Family Support Coordinator responsible for both the Army/Air National Guard military family members. I was responsible for all aspects related to both the soldier/airman family issues that were unique to the family unit as a result of unit deployments. I am a former member of the AZ Board of Behavioral Health Examiners which reviewed counselor complaints and review of applicant credentials for licensure. As a result of these experiences I have supervised numerous associate level counselors in their professional growth and development for independent licensure. I also worked as the Director of Rehabilitation Services for a non-profit in resident adult substance use disorder program gaining valuable experience in their treatment. More recently I have worked with adolescents in a juvenile correction facility, with culturally diverse youth. I use my variety of experiences to bring a richness to the clients he serves.


I still enjoy the outdoors even though some of my outdoor experiences in the military were less than desirable. I also enjoy walking which I attempt to do daily and reading. I like gatherings with family and friends. I love traveling and learning about culture and history. I have traveled extensively in the U.S. and desire to see more. I have spent some time in Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico and would love to see Italy. I am a long time fan of the AZ Rattlers football team of the Indoor Football League.

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