Rebecca Colley, Psy.D.

I graduated Midwestern University with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I have a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Midwestern University, as well as a bachelor of science in Psychology and a bachelor of science in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Arizona State University.

My clinical rotations included working with patients who were civilly committed, as well as individuals adjudicated Guilty Except Insane (GEI). I also have experience completing a variety of assessments. Specifically, I have conducted neuropsychological, forensic, violence risk, psychosexual, parenting, and autism evaluations. I specialize in several assessments including the HCR-20V3, AASI-3, and ADOS-2.

In therapy, I primarily offer services to those who are living with grief, depression, anxiety, and significant life adjustments. From my background working with those who have been civilly committed, I also have experience treating adults who live with serious mental illnesses such as bipolar related disorders, obsessive-compulsive related disorders, personality disorders, and the schizophrenia spectrum. While I use whichever treatment modality best fits the needs of my clients, I conceptualize from an Existential theoretical orientation. Accordingly, I endeavor to provide a safe, person-centered atmosphere in which we can explore loss, suffering, meaning, identity, and hope in a curious and collaborative way. I believe therapy entails embarking on a journey together, with clients actively facilitating their own recovery and self-exploration. The most essential component of a fruitful therapeutic partnership is the therapeutic alliance. As such, I strive to communicate openly and honestly with clients, while maintaining unconditional positive regard, and do not use a manualized approach to treatment. I accept both telehealth and in-person appointments.

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