Dr. Hendrickson is an independently licensed clinical psychologist. She earned her doctorate degree from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. Her clinical rotations included home-based bereavement work in hospice, residential group homes for adults, community mental health, and completing forensic evaluations within the Maricopa County court system.

She worked as the Lead Psychologist for the Indiana Department of Corrections and the Arizona Department of Corrections from 2014-2017. She then served as the Clinical Director for the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections from 2017-2020.

Her primary focus in treatment includes depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and difficult adjustments, as well as a variety of other presenting issues. In therapy, she utilizes a person-centered, trauma-informed approach to create safety, decrease distress, and facilitate healing. She believes in harnessing and building upon her clients’ strengths and self-awareness, increasing self-esteem, and allowing them the space to explore their thoughts and emotions as they come to a deeper understanding of themselves. Through this process, she believes clients have the power and capacity to practice acceptance, forgiveness when desired, and solving problems.

The most important element of successful treatment has been the therapeutic relationship. Dr. Hendrickson recognizes the value in the relationship and the role it plays in creating a safe environment for clients to explore their distress. Using a narrative approach rather than a structured, manualized treatment model, she companions clients through this self-exploration process.

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