Megan McCarthy

I graduated from Walden University with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a master’s degree in psychology. I also hold a bachelors degree in criminal justice. My clinical rotations included working with adults and juveniles within family court and the Department of Child Safety. I have primarily worked with a clinical and forensic population. I have also completed rotations within hospital settings providing on-call mental health assessments. I was additionally formally trained in child development and family bonding. I have conducted forensic, violence risk, psychosexual, neuropsychological, autism, bonding best interest, and diagnostic evaluations. I specialize in several assessments including the AASI and ADOS-2. I also have a passion for psychopharmacology and have been an active member and participant in the Psych Congress for the last 7 years. In therapy, I have worked primarily with children and adolescents, as well as families working toward reunification. I have a passion for working with children both individually and in group settings. My primary orientation is behavioral, specifically dialectical behavioral therapy of which I am certified. I am also certified and trained in providing trauma-specific treatment and have held a CCTP through the IATP. In working with children, I also implemented animal- assisted therapy with my trained therapy cat (Quinn, aka Anxiety Cat) and hedgehog (Sol). Currently, I hold the position of Intake Specialist which allows me to provide psychoeducation and advocacy on behalf of clients seeking appropriate diagnostic clarification. I am also working towards obtaining full licensure as I study for my licensing exam.

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